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Autoplot F1 Mode:   

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Autoplot Mode (F1)

This is similar to the traditional dyno acceleration run. You specify a minimum (starting) RPM and a  maximum (finishing) RPM for the run. On our dyno, you also decide how fast you want to accelerate between these points. Most other chassis dynos force you to accept their rate of acceleration and live with it.  We can precisely control the rate of acceleration to your specification. This is extremely useful for tuning purposes. We also hold the vehicle RPM at the starting point (called initial settling time) for a user specified period of time so the vehicle will be stabilized before starting the run. Once the dyno releases and allows the vehicle to accelerate, it will be perfectly consistent in doing so every time. Other dynos require you to to be consistent in your application of the throttle at the beginning of the run - adding another human error factor in the mix. We now have three different operating styles in the Autoplot mode - allowing you to  choose the style that suits your needs. We have two types of step programs that step and hold the engine through the operating range - similar to the way most engine dynos operate. We also have a Ramp program that allows linear acceleration between two points in a specified period of time. Once the Ramp Time is chosen, the vehicle will accelerate at that rate regardless of the throttle position (above a minimum of course).  Having total control over the rate of acceleration opens up a new world of tuning and diagnostic possibilities and it is a benefit that none of our competitors offer.

When the run is finished, you see a screen that looks like this:

Note that runs are color coded in order of colors on the left side of the screen - red for the first run, green for the second, etc.

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